World’s First Augmented Reality App For Dating & Making Friends – Flirtar

World’s First Augmented Reality App For Dating & Making Friends – Flirtar

By Doree Lewak. August 30, pm Updated August 30, pm. Most people dread being stuck in a coffee shop with a bad first date — let alone outer space. The series, which launched Wednesday on Facebook Watch , sets people up on blind dates that take place in virtual reality worlds. Backdrops include the aforementioned cosmos, a post-apocalyptic, zombie-filled world and ancient Egypt. At the end of the date, couples are asked if they want to see each other again — this time, in the real world. The first episode follows John and Shelby, an attractive, happy-go-lucky pair. The two proceed to knock over some VR tables.

Could virtual reality dating save us from Tinder, or push us even further back?

Tech companies keep telling us how virtual reality will change the way we use computers. It might also change the way we date. I’m sitting on a satellite in space. Earth is to my left, just out of my grasp. In front of me, a brilliant shooting star soars across the galaxy. There’s also a man, floating there with me, dressed casually in a T-shirt and pants.

Online dating is no longer weird or different, and the once-futuristic concept of Enhanced or Virtual Reality (VR) is quickly altering the sensual act of making love.

Modern dating is a far cry from the courtship our grandparents experienced. In the past, people met their partners at work, on a night out, or at church. Online dating is no longer seen as a last-ditch attempt to find love. Instead, it is becoming the standard— one-third of marriages in the U. The market is flooded with dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge. Technology has revolutionized how we find a partner.

Looking to the future, we know that the way people meet, interact, and ultimately fall in love will continue to be redefined by advances in technology. Take virtual reality for example…. A key promise of VR is the possibility of remote social interaction that is more immersive than any other media. A VR date should be a more intense and personal experience than online dating.

Virtual reality might save my long-distance relationship

Imagine that any distance has lost its boundaries, desires have been instantly fulfilled, and all the beauties of the world have become available by simply pressing a button or two. Trends hint that a full-fledged virtual world appears soon. So, what will dating look like? Well, virtual reality is a computer-generated three-dimensional environment with which the user can interact, fully or partially immersing in it.

Tech companies keep telling us how virtual reality will change the way we use computers. It might also change the way we date.

Pokemon Go opened windows for augmented reality technology. It is the first game to deliver the augmented reality experience to the masses and people loved it. Flirtar has upped the game. Now, not only can you catch Pokemons, but you can also catch a real date. This augmented reality app brings people close to this new technology in a fun way.

However, it does allow you to login using your social media profiles, add profile pictures, tell your likes and dislikes, and write a bio. Best case scenario? They like you back. Once they send you a like, you can start a chat and can actually meet that person in a few minutes. This is done to eliminate the fake profiles on Flirtar.

Vr dating app

The time has come to meet your significant other… In a virtual realm. Virtual Reality is changing the way we live, that much is certain. The boundaries of the virtual and real worlds are blurring to bring static experiences to life, meaning that the online dating world is set for radical change. Both industries are set to see yet more acceleration from the advent of VR, which could revolutionize the way we look for love online:. Of course there will be a huge market in third-party software that effectively creates the VR equivalent of a fake profile, but certainly online daters can feel more secure in the knowledge that their potential suitor is indeed who they say they are with Virtual Reality technology.

A study by researchers of International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad found virtual reality (VR) dating to have increased.

Celebrate National Dog Day with a look at some shows that feature a few of the most adorable dogs on TV. Watch the video. Adam and Paige are set up on a blind date that takes place in a virtual reality medieval fantasy world. Looking for something to watch? Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Sign In.

Virtual reality dating: What’s it like to take someone out online?

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On this episode, we have a story about virtual reality, which is having a but those tweaks turned the dating app into a spam-filled nightmare.

Jessica and Nick are in the middle of their first date. The have a spirited debate about the shades of meaning in a rare painting by Claude Monet. Next, they take in the Eiffel Tower at night, adorned with sparkling golden lights that set the perfect romantic mood. Their second date is no less impressive. Next, he whisks her off for a truly out-of-this-world experience. He takes her to outer space for a low-gravity moonwalk where they bond over their encyclopedic knowledge of Star Trek and share a first kiss with Earth illuminated far in the distance.

On their fourth date, the budding couple will go on their greatest adventure yet. While this might seem like a scenario from the distant future or another episode of techno-paranoia series Black Mirror, virtual reality dating may be the new normal sooner than you think.

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Online Dating?

It was late evening; lit-up tents and cabins dotted the valley that sprawled before us. In the distance, stood a black mountain range, the bright edges of the northern lights peering out from behind. I was surrounded by the warm night, a waxing gibbous moon, a canopy of stars. Social virtual reality has so far been marketed around hanging out with friends, but my initial experience with the technology showed me that it can be a way to fill the hole I feel sinking inside me whenever my boyfriend and I are apart.

I am happy to Skype, or talk on the phone, or Facebook chat with my close friends and family to maintain our relationships.

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When Apple launched the first iPhone back in , controlling industrial machinery and large plants via a touch-screen was unthinkable — in the meantime this has become a matter of course though. It is therefore plain to see, even without virtual reality glasses, that augmented reality, which is becoming more and more common in the private sector, will also become the standard in the professional sector.

Obelix fell into a cauldron of magic potion, Popeye downs a tin of spinach, and in Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears the bears drink gummiberry juice to overcome the borders of reality. Heroes from our childhood therefore use special aids to make them stronger, faster, and smarter than the rest. Today, we have technical tools at our disposal with which we can break down the natural limits.

In contrast to virtual reality, where users find themselves in a completely computer-based reality, the human perception is only augmented or supplemented in augmented reality by computer-based information or presentations. Augmented reality in smart homes If a tent had been on fire in Gaul in 50BC, Obelix would only have had to clap his strong hands to put it out and restore peace to the village. Unfortunately, it will not be that easy for firefighters in the foreseeable future, but increasingly networked sensor systems do offer considerable support.

One element is fire detectors which are now mandatory in almost every German federal state.

Virtual reality blind dates are a thing now

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