Watching the show Gossip Girl can do two things to a viewer. One: it can give you the strange urge to go shopping and buy a lot of headbands, even if you’ve never worn one before. Two: it can help inspire a trip into Manhattan to get a glimpse at everything New York City has to offer. Even if you already live in New York, one episode of Gossip Girl can be enough to make you want to explore the city more. The show makes Manhattan seem even more alluring than it already is, a place full of magical romantic moments, crazy dramatic scenes, and tons of luxury. Even if you can’t live the life of a Gossip Girl cast member and think about it: would you really want to?

9 ways ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘One Tree Hill’ were actually the same show

The hit CW teen drama debuted on Sept. When Lively was offered the role of Serena van der Woodsen, she first passed on the opportunity. Thank you, though.

Blake Lively (Gossip Girl), Josh Holloway (Lost) and T.R. Knight (Grey’s Will One Tree Hill’s “Leyton” be back next season with mini Leyton? Gossip Girl Reboot on HBO Max: Spoilers, Release Date, Cast, and More.

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Gossip Girl: This Is What Your Favourite Upper East Siders Look Like Now

The Gossip Girl finale has a lot to answer for. What about that time Gossip Girl slut-shamed Dan’s sister? But after it turns out Dan’s also been anonymously stalking and humiliating Serena for years under the guise of GG, she doesn’t run a mile and file a restraining order. Oh no.

I’m here to talk to you today about one of the gravest injustices in TV history: how Nate Archibald, the best man on Gossip Girl, ended up alone.

The CW is known for many things, and one of them is their extensive programming catering to teenagers. And cater they did. And while they are all legendary in their own way, Gossip Girl is one that will never be forgotten. Most specifically, we will always be moved in more ways than one by some of the hottest Chuck Bass moments from Gossip Girl that have blessed our TV screens. From the elaborate storylines, the catty characters, and extravagant lives these teens lived, Gossip Girl caught all of our attention like nothing else could.

Thanks to this show, I thought I knew the ins and outs of macarons, Central Park, and rooftop parties. It went from showing the lives of Upper East Siders playing royalty at their private schools, and followed them through their journey into adulthood as more powerful and slightly more cynical Upper East Siders.

Meet The New Cast Of Gossip Girl

HBO Max have announced the cast of the Gossip Girl reboot and we are very excited to get to know them. We enjoyed watching the lives of Serena van der Woodson, Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass for years on repeat and now we are finally getting a new group of Manhattans elite to binge watch. Her mam was also on One Tree Hill! As well as acting Emily has a passion for singing sharing videos playing guitar on Instagram. A post shared by emilyalind on Mar 2, at am PST.

A post shared by emilyalind on Oct 6, at pm PDT.

Created by Stephanie Savage, Josh Schwartz. With Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Ed Westwick. Privileged teens living on the Upper East Side.

In a fashionable farewell to remember, our favorite Upper East Siders join forces for one last soiree; The identity of Gossip Girl is finally revealed. Gossip Girl livens things up at graduation by sending out a shocking email blast during the ceremony. A sudden and tragic event impacts the lives of everyone on the Upper East Side, especially Chuck and the van der Woodsens. Celebrate National Dog Day with a look at some shows that feature a few of the most adorable dogs on TV.

Watch the video. Gossip Girl follows the lives of privileged teenagers on the upper east side. Serena Van Der Woodsen is a blonde and beautiful socialite. Everyone knows Serena. Blair Waldorf is Serena’s best friend but it’s always about Serena not Blair. Nate Archibald is Blair’s boyfriend but ever since Serena came back from boarding school Nate has been acting strange. Chuck Bass is a rich and arrogant person.

Daniel Humphrey, a lonely boy from Brooklyn, NY, who nobody knows. Follow the lives of this guilty pleasure show.

Ranking the romances of Gossip Girl from best to worst

Gossip Girl was one of the most buzzworthy TV dramas of the past several decades, and even though it has been off the air since , fans still remember it fondly. The show was full of mystery, drama, romance, and stars — it is notorious for having launched the careers of superstars like Blake Lively , Penn Badgley, Leighton Meester, and Chace Crawford. Recently, fans of the show were given some exciting news when it was announced that HBO Max will be debuting a brand new show, focusing on the society created in the original Gossip Girl.

Serena is dating an artist. Nate’s dad returns from his hide-out and gets arrested. And only Blair is happy (sort of) with her daddy spending.

Greetings, Upper East Siders. Less than 10 years after Gossip Girl came to an end on the CW, the soapy teen drama is getting a reboot on HBO Max, set eight years after the original series. Gossip Girl premiered in , and launched stars Blake Lively and Penn Badgley to fame, as the two played star-crossed high school lovers Serena van der Woodsen and Dan Humphrey.

In the end very old spoiler alert! Few details are known so far about the new series; casting and a release date, IndieWire note, remain a mystery. But we do know that original show creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage will serve as executive producers, alongside original E. HBO is likely feeling pretty good right now. And the debut of its first young-adult drama, Euphoria, indicates that there might be even more room for youth-oriented series in its roster.

The original series premiered during a sunnier time, when craven rich people were a lot easier to laugh at than they are now. Then again, the runaway success of series including Succession and Billions proves there is still room for these sorts of shows, if they can nail the right tone. After all, you know you love her. Looking for more? Sign up for our daily Hollywood newsletter and never miss a story.

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Blair Waldorf

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, Gilmore Girls, and One Tree Hill are just a few shows to mention Bass Moments From ‘Gossip Girl’ That Made Us Want To Date Him.

The top story on the page today? The identity of Gossip Girl was revealed, to the blight of many. Chuck and Blair got married. Serena and Lonely Boy got married. Leighton Meester and Adam Brody had a baby. To truly understand what the show meant, one has to remind themselves of what the world was like back in September, Longtime fans were apprehensive, to say the least, about what the merger would mean for their destination for all things both juicy and vulnerable.

Something about the Big Apple being its own character proved irresistible on television and audiences loved to see the crazy lives of people who lived large in the country’s most outlandish city—it was noticeably absent in the wake of SATC. Their hopes came true—it was a hotly anticipated drama even before the premiere, thanks in part to the sweeping popularity of the teenage book series with the same name.

Gossip Girl Relationships Quiz Stats

The show is based on the popular book series of the same name , written by author Cecily von Ziegesar. Momsen and Szohr left the series in season five , while Kaylee DeFer was added to the main cast, portraying Ivy Dickens , a con artist who pretends to be Serena’s maternal cousin, Charlie Rhodes. The series is narrated by a seemingly omniscient character, “Gossip Girl” voiced by Kristen Bell.

Recurring characters who are family to one or more main character. Names are listed alphabetically. During the events of the first season, she aids her husband in dealing with Eleanor Waldorf’s accounts.

love georgina on gossip girl Gossip Girls, Nate Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl Memes, Too bad he had to leave for Tree Hill before he got to show his true potential.

I know you guys have some hints about Lost ‘s finale. Don’t hold out. Sawyer ,” he said. Fischler says Phil plays an “interesting part” in a season finale that answers lots of questions, but ends with a game-changing cliff-hanger. Might Phil face the music for belting Juliet last week? What can you spill about the Grey’s Anatomy season finale? Are we definitely saying goodbye to George and T. I don’t think anybody knows what’s going to happen.

Boys Leighton Meester Dated – (Gossip Girl)

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