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Latest: Ryanair accuse Forsa of ‘wasting time’ with ‘pointless strike’

Update 5.40pm: Ryanair has written to trade union Forsa in connection with the airline’s cancellation of 16 flights next Tuesday.

In a letter to Forsa’s national secretary, Angela Kirk, Ryanair accused the trade union of wasting the airline’s time.

«Your letter of today (20 July) arrived after 4pm, some 2 hours after we had cancelled 16 (5%) of our over 290 flights to/from Ireland next Tuesday, unnecessarily disrupting the holiday plans for another 2,500 Irish customers,» the letter stated.

«Over the last 2 days — since we met at 3pm on Wednesday — Ryanair has signed 2 recognition agreements with cabin crew unions in German (yesterday) and Italy (today).

«During that same 2 day period, Forsa has none nothing; except hold another pointless strike by a small minority (25%) of Irish pilots today, and refused to call off Tuesday’s equally pointless strike which will be ignored by the vast majority (75%) of our Irish based pilots.

«What the last 2 days shows [sic] is that Ryanair is making progress in our negotiations with unions, whereas Forsa are just wasting our time, and disrupting our Irish customers and their families.»

Earlier: Ryanair hit out at unions as they announce flight cancellations for Tuesday

The announcement comes as 100 pilots based in Ireland and directly employed by Ryanair are today taking strike action with a 24-hour work stoppage.

Pic: Colin Keegan, Collins Dublin

In a statement today Ryanair said:

«Since FORSA has again failed to answer our call to cancel the 3rd strike by a small minority (25%) of our Irish pilots (who earn between €150,000-€200,000), we regrettably have cancelled just 16 (5%) of over 290 Irish flights next Tues 24 July (only some IRE-UK flights affected).

«All 2,500 affected Irish customers have already been notified by email/SMS and will be readily re-accommodated (or refunded) on other Ryanair flights between IRE-UK routes over the next 7 days.

«It is disgraceful that FORSA sits on its hands for over two days — without any communication since Wednesday — while thousands of Irish customers and their families have their holiday plans disrupted.»

Bernard Harbor, Fórsa says he thinks third part involvement is required to resolve the Ryanair pilots dispute | https://t.co/xjuOfhsNJi pic.twitter.com/r7DBhnmzsO

[h2]Earlier: Trade union cannot rule out further Ryanair strikes[/h2]

The trade union representing pilots at Ryanair says it cannot rule out further strikes, unless their dispute around seniority is resolved.

It is the second day of strike action by Irish based pilots, with a third set for Tuesday.

Next week around 600 flights are to be downed by a separate cabin crew strike in Belgium, Spain and Portugal.

Niall Shanahan from trade union Forsa says a third party intervention might be what is needed to break the deadlock here: «There’s still a lot of work to be done here in that respect.

«As it stands there is no suggestion that there would be a third party involved but certainly in the case of any other industrial dispute that would be a good way to break the logjam.»

Meanwhile, Ryanair have today signed a recognition agreement with the Italian union FIT CISL, who will now join ANPAC and ANPAV as a joint negotiating body for directly employed cabin crew in Italy.

«We are pleased to sign this cabin crew recognition agreement today with FIT CISL in Italy,» said Ryanair’s Chief People Officer, Eddie Wilson.

«This is a further sign of the progress Ryanair is making with trade unions since our December 2017 decision to recognise unions, with over 66% of our cabin crew now covered by recognition agreements.

[quote]We hope to announce further agreements over the coming weeks, in those countries where unions have approached these negotiations in a practical and positive manner.[/quote]

«As this growing number of pilot and cabin crew recognition agreements confirms, we are making progress and confounding those sceptics who claimed that our December 2017 decision was not real or genuine.

«We look forward to working closely with both FIT CISL, and their Company Council in negotiating a CLA for our directly employed Italian based cabin crew, and to shortly commence negotiations on a CLA for contractor crew with ANPAC, ANPAV and FIT CISL.”

Today we signed a recognition agreement with the Italian union FIT CISL, who will now join ANPAC and ANPAV as a joint negotiating body for directly employed cabin crew in Italy.

[h2]Earlier: 100 Ryanair pilots say they were left with no choice but to picket[/h2]

Dublin based Ryanair pilots have moved their picket from the airport roundabout to the company’s HQ at Airside in Swords.

It is running from now until 1.30pm today although the work stoppage will continue all day.

4,000 Ryanair customers in Ireland have had their flights cancelled — during their second pilots strike in just over a week.

#Ryanair pilots picketing company headquarters at Airside retail park. @forsa_union_ie pic.twitter.com/FHxMN0j7Jj

— Cllr Michael O’Brien (@cllrmobrien) July 20, 2018

100 pilots based in Ireland and directly employed by Ryanair say they have been left with no choice but to take to the picket line.

They are members of the Irish Airline Pilots Association and have been represented by the trade union Fórsa during discussions with management.

Unfortunately those talks broke up earlier this week without reaching a deal and with a renewed threat of stoppages during the busy summer schedule.

The first strike day last Thursday was the first in the airline’s history.

There is another planned for next Tuesday.

Flying with us today? You can find all live flight information here: https://t.co/jPfCYmU3Jd pic.twitter.com/r7ySP75RuL

[h2]Earlier: Second day of Ryanair strikes underway[/h2]

The second 24-hour strike in a week, by 100 pilots employed by Ryanair in Dublin, is underway.

The pilots, who are employed directly by the company, are striking for 24 hours with another day of action scheduled for next Tuesday.

The pilots, who are members of the Irish Airline Pilots Association, are in dispute with the company over base transfers, leave and seniority issues.

Talks between their union and Ryanair management broke down earlier this week.

With no breakthrough in sight, more strike action is scheduled for next Tuesday.

Last night, Ryanair called on Forsa to call off next week’s day of action but a 7 o’clock deadline came and went without any response.

Ryanair calls on FORSA to call off 24 July strike by less than 25% of our Irish pilots (over seniority & base transfer proposals which they can’t explain and which don’t even affect them): pic.twitter.com/OVse5kmgMi

A total of 24 flights out of Dublin today have been cancelled to the UK.

The company says it is cancelling flights on routes with higher volumes so people can more easily transfer to other services.


Rohingya crisis: UN rights chief ‘cannot rule out genocide’

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The United Nations human rights chief has said an act of genocide against Rohingya Muslims by state forces in Myanmar cannot be ruled out.

More than 600,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh to escape violence since August. Myanmar’s army says it has been targeting Rohingya militants.

Mr Zeid said no Rohingya should be sent back unless there was sustained human rights monitoring on the ground.

He listed alleged abuses against the Rohingya, including «killing by random firing of bullets, use of grenades, shooting at close range, stabbings, beatings to death and the burning of houses with families inside».

The rights chief then asked: «Considering Rohingyas’ self-identify as a distinct ethnic group with their own language and culture — and [that they] are also deemed by the perpetrators themselves as belonging to a different ethnic, national, racial or religious group — given all of this, can anyone rule out that elements of genocide may be present?»

Myanmar’s ambassador to the rights council, Htin Lynn, denied atrocities had taken place and said his government and Bangladesh were working to ensure the return of displaced people.

«There will be no camps,» he told the emergency session.

He added that UN agencies would be involved but stopped short of guaranteeing the immediate, unimpeded access to Myanmar for UN investigators that the UN has demanded.

Until now, UN officials, including Mr Zeid, have described the violence in northern Rakhine state as «textbook ethnic cleansing».

The use of the term genocide increases international pressure on Myanmar (also called Burma) and reflects deep concern at what the UN describes as decades of discrimination and violence against the Rohingya.

«Ultimately, this is a legal determination only a competent court can make,» Mr Zeid told the council session in Geneva.

«But the concerns are extremely serious, and clearly call for access to be immediately granted for further verification.»

He urged the council to request that the UN General Assembly set up a mechanism «to assist individual criminal investigations of those responsible».

Genocide — an attempt to wipe a group of people out of existence in whole or in part — is a legally specific term understood by most to be the gravest crime against humanity.

The UN first defined it in the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide in 1948. Ethnic cleansing is not recognised as an independent crime under international law.

The Rohingya are a stateless minority who have long experienced persecution in Myanmar.

Myanmar’s government rejects the term Rohingya, labelling the community «Bengalis». It says they migrated illegally from Bangladesh so should not be listed as one of the country’s ethnic groups.

Bangladesh also denies they are its citizens. After the latest wave of arrivals it now hosts about a million Rohingya.

Rohingya inside and outside Myanmar

Last month, Bangladesh signed a deal with Myanmar to return hundreds of thousands of Rohingya who fled the army crackdown, which began after deadly Rohingya attacks on police posts in Rakhine.

A statement from the Bangladesh foreign ministry said displaced people could begin to return within two months. Few other details were released.


UK Supreme Court cannot rule on Northern Ireland abortion

A majority of the United Kingdom’s Supreme Court judges believe the current abortion law in Northern Ireland is incompatible with human rights laws, the court said on Thursday.

Ireland ‘Yes’ campaigners stunned by margin of victory

Four out of seven Supreme Court justices found the province’s strict laws were incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

In Northern Ireland, unlike the rest of the United Kingdom, abortion is illegal even in cases of rape, incest, or serious fetal anomaly. The procedure is only to be permitted where there is evidence that the woman’s life is at risk, or if there is a severe danger to her mental or physical health.

The case was brought by the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (NIHRC), which argued that the law is «inhuman and degrading.»

Theresa May’s unholy alliance

While the Supreme Court backed the contention that the Northern Irish law infringed human rights legislation, it said that the NIHRC lacked the legal standing to bring the case, which prevented the court from issuing a ruling.

Northern Ireland’s devolved government is responsible for deciding abortion laws, but Westminster can step in if legislation is deemed to contravene the ECHR.

Potential collision course

A ruling against the Northern Irish law would have meant that the UK government and the devolved Northern Irish government would have to thrash out a way to bring Northern Irish legislation in line with the ECHR. However, the Northern Irish assembly — also known as Stormont — is currently suspended because of a political impasse, so direct intervention from London would be necessary to make any adjustments.

Such intervention by British Prime Minister Theresa May to change the status quo would bring her into direct opposition with Northern Ireland’s arch-Unionist and staunchly religious Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), which props up May’s government by a slender majority in the UK Parliament.


Minister cannot rule out possibility €200m+ bill facing taxpayer over doctors salary claims may rise

The €200m-plus bill the taxpayer must pay in order to end the decade-long salary stand-off with hospital consultants could rise even further after Government did not rule out more doctors making claims against the State.

Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe (below) did not reject the potentially crippling move after announcing a new deal that will see thousands of consultants who signed contracts between 2008 and 2012 given up to €72,000 in back-dated pay hikes.

After a decade-long stand-off over the non-payment of increases agreed under hospital consultant contracts due to the impact of the recession, Mr Donohoe and Health Minister Simon Harris yesterday said a deal has finally been struck.

Under the plan, imposed after high court action by consultants, the Government has agreed to pay €182m in back-dated pay rises and a further €62m per year for future pay rises.

The increases are specifically limited to the 2,600 consultants who signed controversial new contracts between July 25, 2008, and September 30, 2012, after long-drawn out negotiations to force doctors to work set hours in the public service and restrict their private practice work.

This means consultants set to benefit from the deal will receive pay rises of €55,000 to €72,000 — bringing their salaries to between €180,000 and €252,000 per year.

Speaking to reporters at Government Buildings, Mr Donohoe said the deal is the «least worst option» available and stressed a failure to cut a deal could have seen the State facing a massive €700m bill.

However, despite saying the new deal will be limited to doctors who signed contracts between 2008 and 2012, Mr Donohoe did not rule out the potentially crippling possibility of consultants who joined the system after this date also seeking pay hikes.

«What will happen for consultants who signed contracts after 2012? That is a matter for them. I have been very clear in saying it [the deal] goes up to 2012, but of course we also have many other people entering since 2012.

«We have processes underway now in relation to dealing with some of the concerns they have,» Mr Donohoe said.

The Finance Minister had earlier welcomed the new deal, saying it «brings to conclusion a very difficult situation that stretches back now almost a decade» and is «the least worst outcome» for the State given the €700m bill alternative.

Mr Donohoe rejected suggestions the existing €200m-plus bill will impact on frontline health services, saying the €182m back-dated cost has already been factored in and that the structure of the deal means the system will have to take account of €60m in extra costs in 2019 and 2020 to pay the new increases.

At the same press conference, Health Minister Simon Harris said the deal will include specific monitoring systems to ensure doctors are working their required public service hours despite failing to explain what this monitoring will involve, and rejected claims doctors are overpaid saying «no, I don’t believe so».

At a separate event yesterday, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said while the €200m-plus cost of the deal was difficult to accept it is «a bill unfortunately we’re going to have to afford», adding it is a «fraction» of the €700m alternative.


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Также и я — So do I, neither am I etc.

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Наверное, вы сталкивались с трудностью перевода на английский таких предложений, после которых следуют утверждения «Также и я». В данной статье мы объясним, как переводить подобные предложения.

So do I — Утвердительный ответ на утвердительные замечания

Начнем с утвердительных ответов на утвердительные замечания типа «Я люблю яблоки. Также и мой брат (тоже любит яблоки)». Подобные предложения на английский язык переводятся согласно конструкции:

  • Том любит виноград. Также и Пит — Tom likes grapes.So does Pete.(= Pete also likes grapes.)
  • Мы должны учиться. Также и они — We must study. So must they.
  • Она пришла вовремя на урок. Также и я. – She was in time for the lesson. So was I.
  • Я побывала в Лондоне. Также и он. — I have been to London. So has he.
  • Как видно из примеров, вспомогательный глагол в этой конструкции варьируется в зависимости от времени, в котором находится первое утверждение.

    Neither am I — отрицательный ответ на отрицательные замечания

    Что касается отрицательных ответов на отрицательные замечания типа «Я не могу пойти в магазин. Также и он (тоже не может пойти)», они строятся согласно конструкции:

  • Он не позвонил. Также и Джон. – He didn’t call. Neither did John.
  • Я не верю этому. Также и они – I don’t believe it. Neither do they.
  • Я не умею вязать. Также и Мэри — I can’t knit. Neither can Mary.
  • Том не был в школе. Также и Джейн — Tom wasn’t at school. Neither was Jain.

I can, but she can’t — отрицательный ответ на утвердительные замечания

Отрицательные ответы на утвердительные замечания типа “Я говорю по-английски. А он нет (он не говорит)» переводятся на английский при помощи конструкции

  • Мы умеем готовить. А он не умеет – We can cook. But he can’t.
  • Мне понравилась картина. А ему нет — I liked the picture. But he didn’t.
  • Я говорю по-английски. А она нет. – I speak English. But she doesn’t.
  • She can’t, but I can — утвердительный ответ на отрицательные замечания

    Утвердительные ответы на отрицательные замечания типа «Он не знает правила. А я знаю» переводятся на английский при помощи конструкции

  • Я не разговариваю с ним. А она разговаривает – I don’t speak to him. But she does.
  • Он не умеет играть в теннис. А я умею – He can’t play tennis. But I can.
  • Мы не ответили на вопросы. А ты ответил – We haven’t answered the questions. But you have.
  • Предлагаем пройти небольшой тест, который покажет, насколько успешно вы поняли данную тему.